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Extra security at Stratford River Festival.  

Stratforward BID Director Joe Baconnet said: “We are once again planning an amazing event for the whole family to enjoy. However, visitor safety is our priority and we’ve put in place measures to maximise public safety, working closely with authorities." 

Mr Baconnet added: “The River Festival is all about community and families coming together for fun but we ask visitors to please be patient, vigilant and to cooperate with any security requests, including random bag and vehicle searches. They have been put in place to make sure everyone can come, have fun, stay safe and go home happy.”

Please be extra vigilant and report concerns to the nearest member of security.

Warwickshire Police stress there remains no intelligence of any specific threat in Warwickshire, but there remains a real need to ensure all reasonable measures are taken to keep our community safe. Be vigilant and co-operative with the security team.”