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Sunday Workshops

11am to 11:30am

Kids Get Hands On!

Design your own smoothie with the most delicious fresh ingredients. 

Experiment to create a bright, beautiful and bursting with flavour smoothie! 

And make your 5 A Day simple and delicious.   

Abi McFarlane

Nutrition Matters


Midday to 12:30pm

Bella Pizza Party Taster

Have a taster of a Bella Kids Pizza Party. Kids roll, push, and stretch the dough to form a pizza base, before spreading with pizza sauce and adding toppings of choice.  

Take your prepared pizza home, or Bella Italia will cook it for you in their pizza oven.  (Limited to 20 spaces.)

Marcello Decannas and Silvia Pinna

Bella Pasta Managers

1pm to 1:30pm



Crunchy and Funky Fudge for  Kids  

Learn how to make the creamiest crumbliest fresh fudge made with the finest ingredients with Stratford’s Roly's Fudge

Get hands on and help make (and taste!) mouth-watering Chocolate & Honeycomb Fudge; it’s really crunchie! 

Andy Irvine

Roly’s Fudge
Proprietor & Fudge Maker Extraordinaire

2pm to 2:30pm

Thai  Fruit Carving with Sabai Sabai

Get hands on and learn how to create beautiful flower carvings from everyday fruit and vegetables. Create unique gifts for special occasions. 

Transform dull fruit and vegetables into amazing life like flowers that will astonish and impress!

(Over 12's only as you will be working with sharp knives. Limited spaces.)

Sabai Sabai Chef

4pm to 4:30pm

Wine Tasting with Vin Neuf –ideally book in advance – also try on the day

Develop your taste for Spanish wines from the classic Rioja to super value wines in the underrated region of La Mancha.

Local independent wine merchants Vin Neuf will offer you the chance to sample a selection. Viva Espana!

James Richards

Proprietor Vin Neuf