Its all about Stratford Festival of Motoring at the moment. 
1. Do you know someone with a Mini Cooper who'd be up for having their car on the poster for Stratford Festival of Motoring 2018?
It will need to be red, white & blue, and ideally 1960's as festival theme is The Italian Job.  There will be a photo shoot in Stratford. 
"Hang on, lads; I've got a great idea. Stratford Festival of Motoring 2018 theme will be, The Italian Job! "  Charlie Crocker 2018
2. Would you take photos at Stratford Festival of Motoring? 
Set your camera up on a stand and take photos as the cars come through the finishing arch
9am -1pm on Sunday May 6th  and Bank Holiday Monday May 7th
Edit & upload onto Flickr 
You will be paid.
Questions? Get in touch: 01789 – 299011