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About Stratforward

Stratford has so much to offer, but the town can only be truly effective when businesses come together and support town centre initiatives. It is through a positive and unified approach that Stratford can truly realise its full potential as a premium business, visitor and retail town.

Background and formation

On April 2nd 2009, the Stratforward Business Improvement District (BID) was given the go-ahead by local businesses. After a closed postal ballot throughout March 2009, 72% of voters said ‘yes’ to the project, with a 69% majority on rateable value. In September 2013, the Stratforward BID was voted in for a second five-year term, commencing April 2014. 

And in September 2018, again there was a yes vote to a third five-year term. Many thanks to all voters.

Responsibilities and core objective

Stratforward will deliver a comprehensive marketing strategy; run award-winning festivals; operate the Town Host programme and security initiatives; and offer a wide range of business support initiatives.

Stratforward has a five-year minimum project lifespan and collects and manages a budget, in excess of £1.65 million. This is used to achieve the company’s key objective: 

Bring more people into Stratford town centre, make them stay longer, spend more and leave happy.


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