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Stratford's Talented Retail Staff Model Outfits from Spring Summer 2017

Hair, make up, action!     To see photos of models, click on the logos on the left. 

Stratford's vast range of fashion retailers make it a great place to buy and try the latest look. From evening wear to daytime casual and outdoor clothing, Stratford has it all - in the best of surroundings with the very best customer service experience.

A key part of Stratford's passion for fashion is its people. So who better to model the finest fashion offering in town than the retail staff themselves?  Welcome to Stratford's fashion campaign with real people and real clothes available in town now!

Take a peak at our glamorous models and let us know your favourite outfit.  Better still, come to Stratford for your own spot of retail therapy and delicious food and drink at one of over a hundred cafes, restaurants and pubs.

Many thanks to shop staff and support from local businesses - Matthew Curtis Hair Design, Gorgeous Obsession beauty salon and Studio Stratford photography.