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Registration to Stratford Festival of Motoring 2019

Choose your type of ticket :

  1. Tour & Display - drive the Cotswold tour or treasure hunt around local countryside, and then park up in Stratford. (You will have a choice of two routes.)
  2. Display Only -  park in the town centre streets (without the tour or treasure hunt)

Like previous years, we will print information sheets for your car, to display for the public to read.   It may help to write this before you register, and then cut and paste the information into your application.

Photo Gallery: Do send a picture of your car to be included in our promo.  Please send a high-quality photo to Thank you.

To enter your car:

  1. Click on "Register for the 2019 festival here" to go to the Eventbrite registration page.
  2. Click the green tickets button on the left of the page (You will have 30 minutes to complete your booking!)
  3. Select the ticket/s type and number you require.
  4. Click "Checkout" at the bottom of the page.
  5. Check the tickets shown are correct. (If not use the browser back button to go back and reselect tickets required.)
  6. Enter your name and email address
  7. If you have registered a payment card with Eventbrite and wish to use it again, select it from the dropdown box and follow the confirmation instructions. If you haven't, select "Add a new card" from the drop-down list and follow the onscreen instructions.
  8. For each ticket bought; enter both a name, postal address & car details. (Your display plates will be posted to the address.)  Use the 'copy data' from the drop-down if some of the data is duplicated across the tickets.
  9. Click, "Pay Now". (Payments will appear on your card statement as Stratforward Business Improvement District Ltd.)
  10. You will receive a confirmation email!  

If you get stuck do call us on 01789 292718 or email 

Before arriving at the Festival, please attach your display plate to your vehicle. Many thanks in advance. Have a wonderful weekend!