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For updates on Stratford Festival of Motoring read on! 

02. January 10th 2019 Written by Mark Woodbridge, Motoring Advisor to Stratford Festival of Motoring

Too cold to work on your car? Put yourself in a warm place and book up for this year's Stratford Festival of Motoring.

Gritters are working nights and the garage is cold enough to numb my fingers before I've even picked up a spanner. There's very little classic car activity going on in my world. However, the snowdrops aren't many weeks away and over the festive break, a good number of people booked their cars into the 2019 Stratford Festival of Motoring.

Route planning is underway. Ordnance survey maps are spread out and I'm stitching two interesting routes together for those who like to start the day with a drive. This year I'm thinking of a driver-focused route and one more with the passengers in mind, suitable for the tourers and larger vehicles.

We're not going to have nominated start times this year, giving you some flexibility. The start will be between 7.30 and 9.00 which should get you back to town between 9.00 and 10.30, providing my route planning and your navigation is up to scratch.

All cars of interest are welcome, classics, moderns, fast ones, slow ones, big ones and small ones. Click here for info on registration 

If you have a period outfit to match your car please let us know as we're looking for a few entrants to be part of our promotional literature for this year.

Happy Motoring.

Mark Woodbridge

Motoring Advisor to Stratford Festival of Motoring



01.  January 9th 2019

Will you like to be the face and car of the Stratford Festival of Motoring 2019?!

Could you dress to match the style of your car? Or can you think of a friend who would be up for it?

Get in touch ASAP on Facebook, Twitter, or email over the next week. 

Many thanks!

There will be a photo shoot in February in Stratford and you could be on the many posters and brochures used to promote the festival. You would receive free entry to the festival, copies of the poster to keep and be a super star!

Stratford Festival of Motoring is May 5th and 6th 2019



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