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Stratforward’s exciting new members’ benefits scheme which could see town centre businesses, collectively save a six-figure sum each year.

The new Joint Procurement Scheme will help BID businesses reduce their running costs on items like utilities, telecoms, water, pest control and merchant services.

The scheme, is a partnership between Stratforward BID and joint procurement specialist Meercat Associates Ltd, which uses collective buying power to get the best deal possible.

Meercat works only with Business Improvement Districts and has a proven record of saving millions of pounds for BIDs across the country.

Meercat’s fee will be paid by Stratforward, with members able to benefit directly from any cost savings gained through the scheme.

The Joint Procurement Scheme is being administrated by Simon Jackson, Business Consultant at Meercat.

Members who want to take part in the scheme can pass their bill information to Meercat completely confidentially who will then carry out a full analysis to calculate potential savings. Companies can then decide whether to progress with a service saving, which again can be managed by Meercat.

You can contact Meercat Associates direct on 01444 416529.  Or if you would like an informal chat with the Stratforward team, then please contact Pauline on 01789  299011