RSC Costume Day Trail

On Friday 20th August the RSC are taking over the Bancroft Gardens to celebrate the newly re-opened Costume Workshop on Waterside. It will be a free festival of costume making through the ages and aims to attract local residence to the town to discover more about the heritage of costume making in our town. 

To promote the day and to encourage people through the whole town, we will be creating a trail of RSC costumes in the windows of shops and businesses and inviting people to go inside and find out more. 

The RSC will aim to tailor the item to your business, so a shoe shop could have an extravagant pair of shoes, or a bakery, a baker’s hat. There will also be a fun element as part of the trail, with an item to be found such as a golden button! All participating businesses will be named on the RSC website and identified on a trail map. 

The item will be brought to you, ready dressed between the 11th and the 13th August, you will display it between the 13th and the 22 August and the item will be collected on the 23 August  

Choice of items 

  • Mannequins approx. 5ft 5in in height and 2ft base (could be adjusted) 
  • Pair of shoes 
  • Head and shoulder mannequin e.g. for hat or jewellery 

If you would like to take part, please reply to with the following information by end of FRIDAY 9 JULY: 

  • The name and address of your business
  • Whether you can accommodate a full-size mannequin or a single item (see approx. sizes above) 
  • If you like the item to link to your business if possible? 
  • If you place an approx 30cm diameter sticker in your window?  if not, the costume will have a tag attached to it instead.