Shop Local

Shop Local – show some love!  - Help our High Street Bounce Back

Let’s hit the high street, support our local businesses and get back to the way of life we have sorely missed.  (Yes that’s an excuse err great reason, to enjoy some retail therapy/time in the pub!) Shopping local helps support the local economy, creates jobs and boosts our local community.  It's wonderful and uplifting to see many relaxed and happy people returning to Stratford creating positive vibes.
Businesses have adapted again and again as the rules changed at the drop of a hat and have measures to protect customers and make Stratford a good place to go with safety measures.

From popping into an artisan bakery for a loaf of the freshest bread, or buying a quirky gift from an independent shop, enjoying a local restaurant,  a decent pint in the pub, by shopping locally we can help local business owners and our communities get back up and running.

As a reminder here are reasons to choose to use the high street!

1. Support post pandemic recovery and the local economy
Your country needs you! Do your do bit to aid our national recovery by pumping money into the Stratford’s economy via our local shop, restaurant, café or pub!

2. Save jobs – and create more!
Supporting our high street will creates jobs  helping people find employment – your neighbours, friends and family. More jobs makes for a better place to live and work

3. Great deals
Be pleasantly surprised at the competitive prices . Independents tend to give personal service and often reward regulars, and great deals that can’t be found in major outlets – so save money as you spend!

4. A safe way to shop
Feel safe while you shop, as measures are in place with customer limits, for example, in store, plastic partitions at tills and hand sanitizing stations. 

5. Preserving the heart of our community
Generate revenue to support council services such as libraries, parks and roads that benefit the community.

6. Spoilt for choice
Enjoy a great range of unusual and unique products that bring much-needed originality that you cant get elsewhere. 

7. A better shopping experience
Experience buying locally from a friendly face for a dose of normality that has been missed.

It’s important to acknowledge the ‘A’ word here!   Amazon.  
So many have developed an ‘Amazon habit’.  The antidote is shopping local!

From corner shops and florists, to newsagents, cafes and pubs, our high streets are at the heart of our community.

Small businesses are the beating heart of communities and town centres up and down the country, and they will be at the centre of the recovery.  They supported the nation during lockdown and now they need our support to get back on their feet.

It’s crucial more than ever to support our local small businesses. The past 15 months have been among the most difficult businesses have ever had and people can help by supporting their local businesses. We all need the support of our communities in order to survive this crisis and thrive.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and the cornerstones of our local communities.  Thank you for your ongoing support of our precious town centre businesses.