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Just fill in this short survey or through the SDC planning portal by Wednesday 27th Jan. The Planning Information for the application number can be accessed from here: 20/02682/FUL 

Agents acting for Stratford District Council (SDC) have submitted an application for a revised Change of Use of parts of Bancroft Gardens on Waterside. 

This application covers the Waterside specialist markets that normally take place on Waterside on Sundays from approximately Easter until October and other selected dates - which we know have caused concerns for some BID members over recent years - plus a whole range of other uses.   

The wording on the application is as follows: 

“Proposed partial change of use from public open space to mixed use of public open space, leisure, recreation, market stalls, the sale of crafts, goods, food, refreshments, public information, sale of tickets, advertising, charitable and local group activities and any other associated development.” 

It is not clear what SDC’s strategy is for the wider usage of Bancroft Gardens (or the application area) but the current application is wider than the current permissions in place. 

The BID wants to know your views are ahead of making any official response to SDC. However, time is tight - the plans were not posted publicly until last week and the SDC deadline for responses is NEXT WEDNESDAY (January 27) - so we need your input as quickly as possible. 

We have designed a quick survey (see below) which we hope will help if you are short of time - but feel free to write to us and we will pass your comments on.  Or you could write to the Council direct (see below) if you prefer.  

Before you do the survey – here’s some background …  

In September of last year, the BID Board agreed that it would write formally to SDC requesting that they and Stratford Town Council (STC) - who are jointly responsible for the markets in Stratford - discuss a number of items with the market operator (LSD) that had been repeatedly raised by BID member businesses over an extended time period.  

Amongst these, was a request to regularise the planning situation with use of the Bancroft Basin area (we call it the Dustbowl) for markets (which had been used for some time apparently without the necessary permissions). This was to ensure that the market did not exceed the number of days under permitted development rights (14 days maximum in any year). This request was felt to be fair and equitable as all BID member businesses have to adhere to planning rules. 

The application to regularise the situation should be welcomed as it will bring the markets in line with the situation that businesses find themselves in. However, the planning application submitted does not restrict any usage of stalls or place a limit on the number of stalls of any type. 

The Government is clear that markets form a part of the mix and make up of town centres and that they contribute to the vitality and viability of the whole town centre offer. This planning application purely relates to the markets on Waterside and not the Friday and Saturday markets in the Market Square. Specialist markets have existed on Waterside since 1995 when an 8 week specialist market was set up for the summer.  

The current market contract is not deemed a material planning consideration and therefore any issues surrounding the market contract really cannot be raised in a planning context.  

The Planning Information for the application number can be accessed from here: 20/02682/FUL 

Stratford-on-Avon District Council: Eplanning 

All of the information is contained within the supporting statement here: 

  • The application states that the market will provide for 12 additional stalls 
  • The application states that the increase will support vitality and viability of the market 
  • The market will only operate on Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays 
  • The application states that the current location is viable proven by the success of the current market. It states that the application will provide further jobs and attract people to the area. 
  • The application states that this will enhance the existing market area. 

Extract of the conclusion from the consultant's report

Notes for BID Members: 

The previous application limited the number of market days on Waterside to 43 days per annum. This application will increase the number of available market days to 52 + Bank Holidays. 

No limits on total stall numbers or the number of food stalls are being proposed as part of the planning application. 

Regardless of what happens with the markets contract - which is due for review in the coming year -  when planning permission is granted those conditions will remain available to all operators in future. 

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If you want to lobby the ward councillor then Cllr Fradgely's details are jennyfradgley@warwickshire.gov.uk